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We are a personalised, intelligent revision resource. Giving you access to extensive MRCPCH clinical courses, materials and analysing your performance, we help you to focus your revision efficiently to achieve exam success.

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Welcome to Index for Paediatrics

We are delighted to offer this website to help candidates who are taking part in postgraduate paediatric exams.The MCQ part and also the clinical courses for MRCPCH candidates. The first clinical course will be held on 1-2 October 2016

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How to answer the questions

The MCQ questions in its various forms are a good source of knowledge as well as testing your skills on how to use your knowledge to answer these questions. It is not hard when you are well prepared but it is very difficult when your&nbs

Information about type of questions

Multiple true-false questions are most useful when testing knowledge when there is an absolute Yes/No answer. They can cover several aspects of a topic, including pathogenesis, clinical signs, genetics and treatment Best of F

Information about the web and the material

The website is very secure and only allows you to use the material you buy for a certain time. If you want to use it more, you have to buy the material again... If you want a printed copy, then you have to buy it, for which you will find the


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Our courses, mock exams and materials

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MRCPCH exams

In order to be a member of the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health you need to pass the MRCPCH exams Part 1, A&B, Part II written and Part II clinical.

Information about the exam

The exam consist of two papers (based on RCPCH website)

The MRCPCH comprises:

  1. Foundation of Practice (FOP) theory
  2. Theory and Science (TAS) theory
  3. Applied Knowledge in Practice (AKP) theory
  4. MRCPCH Clinical
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Teaching & Educational

In my current and previous posts, I have been involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. I enjoy teaching and the pleasure of passing on my experience to my students. I have written two MCQ books for MRCPCH part I, and data interpretation & grey cases for MRCPCH part II.

  • Development of “in house” teaching programme for SHO’s at St Thomas’ Hospital as well in my current post
  • Bedside clinical skills teaching and tutorials
  • Out patients attending time table and protected study time
  • Practical procedures sessions
  • MRCPCH part I tutorials and MCQs sessions
  • Slides and interested cases sessions every week
  • Development of 3 hours session on weekly bases for 3 weeks and mock exam for MRCPCH part II – slides, data interpretation, and grey cases
  • Participation in teaching and examination of medical students at St Thomas’ Hospital and at University College Hospital
  • I teach regularly on MRCPCH part I & II course at Guy’s Hospital as well Smart , Past test and 123 doc courses, held 3 times per year
  • Medical and nursing students teaching (mainly in clinics)
  • Lead clinician for Undergraduate Medical Education at Hillingdon Hospital
  • Course Director of MRCPCH clinical – Pastest
  • RCPCH clinical exam examiners
  • Visiting examiners for paediatric postgraduate clinical exam in Libya
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General Principals

Learning is always reflecting quality of teaching and that is why I like to pass my knowledge onto my students with good quality teaching. I take time to teach student as I prepare the topic in advance and make plans for that session. When I take students for bedside teaching, I usually explain to both parents and students about my teaching session and main objectives for this session.E.g., I examine the child and then ask the students to demonstrate this to us and each one will do part of theexamination. I will then ask one of them to explain to the parents his/her findings in a very simple way. This type of teaching is helping students to practice their skillsof examining children and explaining to parents, which will enhance their communication skills and give them the confidence to talk to patients about their findings and management plan. I find this very helpful to me when giving feedback to students as it highlights points for students on how to approach children when they examine them as well as to explain toparents what they are intending to do. It is a self motivation approach and very useful for students to be able to examine and talk to parents on their findings.

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Payment Methods

First you need to register and try the free test to see if you would like to use the website and use some of the exams papers. You can pay after choosing which paper you would like to take using your cards/paypal or by cheque payable to Index Paediatric Services Limited and post it to 25 Windermere Road, London, SW15 3QP, UK. Preferred method is cards/Paypal.

When the payment is received you will be issued a password or gain immediate access to that paper  and  use the paper you  selected after logging in with your username and password on your registration with IFP.

After your payment has cleared you will receive a receipt and confirmation of payment. If your payment does not go through for various reasons, you will be notified by email and you can chose to use another method of payment.  Unfortunately you will not be able to use the website until a confirmation of payment has been received which may take a few minutes or up to a few hours.


If you have any questions please call us on 07791 177057